Witness the World’s Biggest “Gorilla Marketing” Stu

You’ve seen 30,000 bananas in a pile, and 500 city types having a pillow fight, but we promise that you haven’t seen everything…yet!

On Wednesday 13th October at 10am the world’s biggest ‘Gorilla Marketing’ stunt will take place. Fifty of Donkey Kong’s closest sapien pals will converge on Trafalgar Square at 10am to show their support as their famous friend launches his brand new game, Donkey Konga on the Nintendo GameCube.

A group of gorillas is called a band, and this particular band will be wreaking havoc as they monkey around playing bongos and dance a conga line through the streets of London. Donkey Kong has assured us he is more than happy to pose for photos and give interviews, although these will be with the assistance of his translator, to ensure his grunts aren’t misquoted in the British press.