Wipeout 2048

Wipeout 2048 to get multiple updates, and more DLC in coming months

According to Karl Jones, Wipeout 2048’s lead designer, Wipeout 2048 is going to see a lot of pre-release changes, with a collection of both paid and free content on the way for the new PS Vita title. If you’ve only got a 4GB memory card, you should be getting a bit scared about now.

I guess it’s going to be patches and stuff. DLC always comes across as paid for content. We’re not obviously not going to just do paid for stuff, we’re going to do free stuff too. That’s largely going to be things we didn’t get time to do. For example, the AR museum,” he comments.

We’re looking into other things to enhance the toolset of the game. So we’re looking on to custom controls, potentially some kind of multiplayer extension. We’ve got more stuff to support Cross Play, which I can’t announce anything about yet. So just lots of smaller different things that’ll be coming out in patches and obviously we’ve got bigger stuff coming out in DLC as well. New features are going to be added, new ways to play.

Jones goes on to say, that he believes this will be how a lot of other games will work down the line. “I think it’s going to happen a lot more now. Deadlines are strict, you’ve got to hit your dates, but there’s so much stuff that developers want to get into their games that some stuff got to get cut.

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