Wing Commander Arena To Hit XBLA

The guys at Electronic Arts today took time out to announce the return the Wing Commander franchise by announcing an XBLA version of the game is now in development. This is the second XBLA title EA have announced they will publish – first been the recently announced Boom Boom Rocket. Wing Commander Arena is it names and it is set to support up to 16 players and “the largest multi-player melee experience to date” on XBLA. Eight now there is no solid release date for the title other than a unspecific “Summer 2007.

We’re really excited to deliver unparalleled multi-player arcade action,” said Chip Lange, EA Vice President. “The design for Wing Commander will appeal to both long-time fans of the franchise and immediately engage anyone who wants the melee style action of an arcade shooter.

The game will reportedly feature single player, multi-team, multi-player free for all and multi-player duel modes of play. Within the game there are eight game maps that include team maps, free for all maps and dueling maps, so Wing Commander Arena offers a gameplay experience for every Arcade gamer, whether they want a quick ten minutes of action or a longer more immersive game.