Windows XP SP2 ready to go.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 has been created to close many of the loopholes that hackers found in the Microsoft operating system and includes a security centre that brings together all the various security measures the user has on their machine.

Full List of Updates
[list][*]Pop-up ads blocked
[*]Revamped firewall on by default
[*]Outlook Express, Internet Explorer and Windows Messenger warn about attachments
[*]Origins of downloaded files logged
[*]Web graphics in e-mail no longer loaded by default
[*]Some spyware blocked
[*]Users regularly reminded about Windows Updates
[*]Security Center brings together information about anti-virus, updates and firewall
[*]Protection against buffer over-runs
[*]Windows Messenger Service turned off by default[/list]

It will be distributed on a variety of mediums.
Automatic Update from the Microsoft servers, at a huge 80Mb size, Microsoft have developed a way to download it in sections then be compiled together once it is complete.
CDs can be ordered from the site.
Discs will be distributed with many computing magazines.

The only people that will not be able to get install the software will be people running the most pirated versions of Windows XP.
Microsoft knows the product ID numbers for the most-pirated versions of XP and has decided to stop the software installing on machines using any of these copies of its operating system.

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