Windows Live Beta Opens

Microsoft has just opened the website which allows anyone with the time to sign up and take part in the Windows Live beta. The site kindly tells us the beta is now open for a limited number of people. For those that have not already clicked and left the confines of this nice site all you have to do to sign up is login to your Windows ID, answer a few questions and viola, all done!

If you are still here – and possibly confused – then I better explain what the hell Windows Live is all about. Well, in its simplest form Windows Live is basically Xbox Live for PC and in the future it will allow us mortals to play on our Xbox 360’s against those godlike, quick fingered people who use PC’s. Not only that but it will also allow mobiles to connect to all of the above to form one – hopefully easy to use – gaming service.

We sure have come a long way since the days of C:/DOS/RUN.