Willoughby and Cotton set to appear in Ubi’s Imagine adverts

Ubisoft has revealed they have snapped up Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton to promote their Imagine series of games. If you not heard of either celeb, then you must never watch TV at all ever. Memorable games in the series are Imagine Girl Band, Imagine Teacher and Imagine Movie Star, and the always amusing Imagine Babies.

The Imagine range is great for young girls who want to express themselves, have fun and let their imagination run wild,” says both Holly and Fearne about the new promotion. “There are lots of games being launched this year so there will be something for everyone. The games are brilliant fun and we’re delighted to be involved in such a big, exciting campaign. We’re also loving being able to play all the games together!

We can’t wait for Dancing on Ice to come back for a new series. Fun times!