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Wii U could maybe, perhaps launch on November 18th says The Internet

The Internet is talking. This part of The Internet says the Wii U will launch on November 18th in the US – that is a Sunday.

The report on WiiUDaily (which Eurogamer picked up) cites that the site laid their eyes on an internal email from the Akihabara-based Media Land that confirmed the date.

The original Wii launched on November 19th 2006 – which give the date a bit of resonance.

None of this is confirmed by Nintendo, and should be taken as rumor until they speak out. (We thought we should highlight this bit)

Even if this date is real, it is still not a date Nintendo has set themselves, and it is instead just the date the retailer thinks the console will release – although said retailer could be privy to some behind the scenes info, which made them highlight that date in their email.

Expect to hear more on The Internet soon.