Wii Release Date and Price

That’s right, according to Seattlepi.com, New York Times is reporting several Wii announcements including price (US$250 in North and South America) and the long-awaited release date (reportedly November 19th). Many will notice that this is two days behind Sony’s November 17th release date for the PlayStation 3.

Nintendo is expected to reveal 25-30 ‘top-tier’ titles for the Wii that will launch this year (and with a release date so late in the year, we can expect many of them to be in time for launch). While Twilight Princess and Excite Truck will make it before year-end, Mario Galaxy will not. All games have been confirmed to be in the range of US$50. Wii Sports will ship with the console (Golf, Tennis, Baseball, and the newly announced Bowling) and about thirty Virtual Console games will be released with the console pricing between US$5 and $10 each.

A couple extra features to be included with the Wii console are the photo channel (where users can view digital photos on their TV) and interactive news and weather channels. By doing this, Nintendo supposedly wishes to make the Wii a living room centrepiece.

**Note that all news is subject to change until Nintendo confirms it.

Source: Seattlepi