Wii Punch-Out! has Balance Board options


The official Italian Nintendo site has leaked details on the three control methods the new Punch-Out!! will use. It seems that there is something for everyone in there.

The first is the most obvious, with both Wiimote and Nunchuck used to mimic boxing – this style is already on show in the Wii Sports minigame. The second in the one harking back to the days of the NES, with gamers holding the Wiimote on its side like a NES controller, and using regular old button presses to play the game.

The final mode uses the Wii Fit Balance Board to mix things up a bit, asking players to dodge incoming punches by shifting their weight whilst standing on the balance board. This mode will be coupled with the Wiimote and Nunchuck to make you feel more like Rocky than you ever felt before.

Punch-out is coming to Euro shores May 22nd.

[Thanks, IGN]