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Wii Party U release sees Wii U sales rise 1500% in Japan

Wii Party U released in Japan last week, and whilst that on its own is not earth-shattering news, its release has helped Wii U ascend to the second most popular console in the country for that week – so says Media Create.

For its stellar week, Wii U sold 38,802 units in the country – still a bit behind the all-conquering 3DS XL at #1 (which sold 58,627) – but above both the regular 3DS and the Vita (at 29,749 and 27,618 respectively).

Wii U sold a measly 2,598 the week before – meaning the PS3, Vita, PSP, 3DS and 3DS XL outsold it that week (only the original Wii and 360 were below it with less that 1000 sales each), so the power of Wii Party U must be very strong!

Numerous reports of Satoru Iwata dancing in the streets are coming in from across Japan. More on Dancing Iwata as it breaks.