Wii Fitness Class Opens – More Waiting Lines

After 4 months of release it seems that finally someone’s brain has shifted into gear to use Wii to keep people fit. The smart chap in question is 32 year-old Zander Urquhart who runs ‘WestCoast Fitness’ as he has become one the first coaches in the world to offer Wii fitness classes. It seems his idea is working as there is now a four week waiting list for the class.

At first I took it along to private clients who had children that didn’t take part in exercise – and they loved it,” Urquhart positively shouted. “While the adults were doing a hard work out, the kids were getting involved too. After that I started getting requests from adults and I started looking into it a bit more. It turns out that it can benefit everyone. Like all good exercise, you get out of it what you put in, so anyone can get a strenuous workout from it.

It is reported that playing Wii can shift around 125 calories in 15 minutes… which must be a good thing “Children are flocking to it as well. Some people will carp and say it would be better if the kids were playing outside, but I say that some exercise is better than none and if this gets them into exercise then it’s a winner,” Urquhart continued. “But also, for adults coming back from injury and OAPs it’s giving them a chance to exercise and keep joints supple without putting themselves at risk.