Wii Could Sell For Less Than £100?

Nintendo’s new Wii console could be yours later this year for much less than anyone ever expected. Tokyo-based Nikko Citigroup has issued a report on Nintendo’s rising stock price, and between all the jargon is the financial institution’s forecast that the Wii will carry a Japanese price point of 19,800 yen. At the Current exchange rates would put an equivalent US price at $170.00 (Around £90) However, as we all know the exchange rate is never a confident way of determining.

This news should not be taken as fact and no price is set in stone until Nintendo officially announce it (whenever that may be), but in this day and age when the price of console are at stupidly high amount it’s nice to have an inkling that a console will soon hit store shelves that EVERYONE can afford (even if it means a little bit of saving up still needs to be done for some younger gamers that may want to get thier hands on it).