Wii Controller Prototypes Revealed

With all the Wii hype all over the world right now the Japanese based Nikkei Business magazine has recently published an image depicting which they claim shows four previously unseen concept controllers which we now could very well be calling the Wiimote.

In all honesty we see two remotes that could have worked well – had we not seen todays version – and one lazy Wavebird redesign… then we see A GIANT STAR. Until this day we had not known such a thing existed but now that we know the existence of ‘StarPad’ we want it… We have no idea how we would use it or why it was ever created but it seems like it is the most beautiful creation even. Maybe the star is the ‘win button’ and if you press it you win at everything no matter what game you play.

…at the very least maybe it will guide some Shepard’s to some random location this Christmas.