Wii breaks 6 million mark in Japan

According to a recent report by Enterbrain on Mainichi, the Wii has broken the 6 million mark in Japan. The console has been on sale since November 19th 2006 over there, so after using our toes and fingers to add all that up it seems it has taken 18 months for the console to reach that mark. The site reports that Wii Fit has already hit the 2 million mark over there too, which only took a short six months!

Recent reports dating back from March cite that the Wii has sold around 10.61 million America, and 7.94 million in other regions including Europe. If you combine all these numbers together, and add in the extra month or so of sales not officially tabulated yet then we are pretty sure the Wii has now passed the 25 million mark worldwide.

If so, we are sure a press release will hit our inbox soon boasting that fact!