Welcome To The Real World, Matrix Shrinks

The Matrix Online is not having the best of times these days it seems. The game is set to lose six of it gameworlds as the admins of the title are set to limit users to play in a new set of three areas

The games official website states “Recently, members of the community have noted that it can be difficult to find other players in The Matrix Mega City. The current level of population density can limit opportunities for socializing with other players which are such a key part of our worlds. On August 2nd, 2005, we will be merging the nine current worlds into three new worlds. This merge should help to increase the number of players on any world at any given time.”

One of these new gameworlds will be classified as “Hostile” with the others retaining normal rules. There will also be three new characters slots in each of these worlds to transfer existing avatars, or to create new ones. Players will also be able to earn extra experience and currency for a limited time, to compensate for the sudden downgrading.