We Love Katamari Rolls into Retailers

Namco today announced that “We Love Katamari” has shipped to retail outlets throughout North America. This next installment of 2004’s award-winning hit “Katamari Damacy” continues the saga of the King of All Cosmos and his son, the Prince, with all-new gameplay objectives in amazing new locales around the world as well as original cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes.

After the tremendous response to “Katamari Damacy,” the King of All Cosmos became a huge international celebrity and was inundated with special rolling requests from his many dedicated fans. Now it is up to the Prince and his many cousins to fulfill the requests of these fans and appease his mercurial father. Players will roll through all-new levels in this new adventure, from a snowy field to the bottom of a lake and even across world-famous cities to collect well-known landmarks along the way. “We Love Katamari” also features an all-new soundtrack of original songs and an extended battle mode with more levels and objectives than ever before. Additionally, for the first time, players can roll their katamari cooperatively with a friend in any of the game’s levels.

Nearly a year after the release of ‘Katamari Damacy’ in the United States, fans can now continue the rolling adventures of the King of All Cosmos, the Prince and his many cousins with ‘We Love Katamari,’” said Yoshi Niki, business director at Namco “‘We Love Katamari’ includes the same enthralling gameplay and an outstanding original soundtrack just like last year’s break-though hit, but adds a unique cooperative play mode and even more outrageous levels to keep franchise fans satisfied.”