Warner/Funcom To Release Dreamfall EP

Funcom today proudly (we are imagining with hand on hip, standing tall) announced the release of two dedicated soundtrack CDs for ‘Dreamfall: The Longest Journey’. “As an artist focusing on reaching both the human mind and heart it has been a special experience for me to work on Dreamfall” said Even ‘Magnet’ Johansen. “I have focused on delivering a unique soundscape which works in unison with the games theme, and I hope that all the gamers out there will appreciate the great effort to bring something brand new to the table“.

Instead of simply licensing released songs and churning it out in a big chunk of music, like so many games are doing, we have truly tried to make the music experience in ‘Dreamfall’ both unique and original,” said Simon Poole, Lead Sound Designer on ‘Dreamfall’. “It has been a blessing for us to get a songwriting genius like Magnet on board, and I feel very confident the players will feel the same way once they dive into the amazing audio experience they find in ‘Dreamfall’.

In addition to an EP from Warner Music, which will be available in several territories as well as through the Funcom online store, Funcom is also releasing an original orchestral soundtrack. The two soundtrack CDs will be available through the Funcom online store closer to the Dreamfall launch in late April. The EP from Magnet is also included in the Limited Edition, which includes the full Windows game as well as a 92-page ‘Art of Dreamfall’ book. The English version of the Limited Edition will be exclusively available at the Funcom online store.