WalMart Confirm $50 360 Price Drop?

It may be the smallest and blurriest photo of all time but it this image is to be believed then the much rumoured $50 360 price cut, which has been hinted at for a few weeks now, is just around the corner.

The image, the one you are straining, and most likely damaging your eyes for life to read, has emanated from neoGAF where it is commented the flyer on show is from the US retail chain WalMart and shows the 360 Premium unit will sell at the store for $349, which, in line with current rumourings, just happens to be $50 less than the current price. Also, over the price, although illegible in the image, the phrase ‘rollback’ is printed.

If this turns out to be true then it will put a $150 gap between a Premium 360 and a 60GB PS3.

Update: Thanks to Gizmodo here is a slightly better, but still a little bit blurry photo. Are people so excited that they cant steady their hand to take a good one?