Vote For The Name Of F.E.A.R’s Sequel

Due to Vivendi’s ownership of the F.E.A.R. name Monolith Productions have announced that after running the submission phase of the “Name Your Fear” contest from June 4th until June 22nd, where users could submit a selection of names they thought would suit the sequel to F.E.A.R, three finalists have now been chosen. The final there names are Dead Echo, Project Origin and Dark Signal. It is now up to site visitors, like ‘lil old us, to vote on those these names, which will run up until August 10th, to christen the as yet nameless title.

The game itself is currently mid development, and was first shown to the press at E3 this year. Should all go well, and should they find a bloody name, the game will hit shelves during the course of 2008.