Vivendi Picks Up Assault Heroes Dev

Anyone that has played the recent Xbox Live Arcade release of Assault Heroes should have had a smile on their face as they played – it really was a great title! It seems when Vivendi played they were smiling too as they have now put their hands into their pockets to buy Wanako Games – the developer behind the game.

The combination of Wanako’s development experience, creativity and technical capabilities will contribute greatly to our presence as a leading publisher of console downloadable online games,” said Ed Zobrist, president of Sierra Online. So with Assault Heroes already out what should we expect from Wanako in the future? Well the answer seems to be Golf! Initially it may not seem anywhere near as intresting as their first XBLA release, but their golf title – 3-D Ultra Minigolf Adventure – promises over 30 holes, a course editor and multiplayer for up to four people!
Thank you Eurogamer for the intro line, we love you!