Virtua Fighter 5 Details

Some new info has come to the light in the latest issue of Famitsu regarding Virtua Fighter 5. The main news is that there will be two new characters to choose from. The first of these characters is known as El Blaze, he is a masked wrestler who specialises in the Lucha Libre combat style, using flamboyant moves and acrobatic throws to fling his opponents around the ring. As the game’s story unfolds, we’ll discover a connection between El Blaze and Wolf. Not much is known about the other character apart from the fact she is female.

Another piece of info that has been revealed is the fact there will be no online play for Virtua Fighter 5. The reason for this is, according to the development team it wouldn’t fit in with the Virtua Fighter Tradition, though the game will benefit from new gameplay modes and an improved network function.