Vid Of Mario Bros Played Using Webcam And Hand

Thanks to neoGAF member, moderator (and supposedly all round good guy) sp0rsk attention has been brought to this rather interesting video of a version of the original Super Mario Bros. that has been modded to be played using a webcam and the users hand. The video shows the player playing through level 1-1, navigating a few jumps, dodging a few Goomba’s and Koopa’s, dying a few times, and then for some reason showing 100 Mario’s attempting the same level at the one time.

The video itself originated on Nicovideo, but that site is basically unnavigateable unless you know Japanese, so the the YouTube version is posted below. It’s definitely worth checking out in our opinion, and even if you don’t like whats on show in the video then the Loco-Roco style Mario theme should make you smile – well, unless you have a heart made of stone!