Vib Ribbon On The Way To Playstation Store

A quick look over at the official PEGI site shows that they have recently rated a few upcoming PSN games, and gave them the go ahead for a European release. The likes of Cool Boarders 3 and Destruction Derby 2 are there, but if you are anything like me, then it should be the reveal of a possible release of Vib Ribbon on PSN that will get you the most excited.

For those that are not familiar, Vib Ribbon is a rhythm video game, and like many of the older rhythm games is one that has a cult following. The game showcases very simple graphics, consisting of straight, white vector lines, and angular drawings that create the games levels. Then, on top of these simple levels is the character Vibri. It is then up to the player to guide Vibri though the level which is filled with obstacles corresponding to the song being played.

However, back in the day, the biggest draw of the game was without doubt the fact that you could play the game with any music CD in you Playstation’s disc drive – thus letting the game generate a unique level from the beat of any track. Hopefully all of these features will be carried over to the to the new (or classic release) that is the PSN version, thus letting you use the custom soundtrack you have already ripped to the PS3 hard drive. If that’s not possible, then at the very least lets hope we can play a song from a disc in your PS3’s drive!