Version II Goes Live!

Hello everyone,

First of all, sorry for the delays, I have been working hard but it is so time consuming. It isn’t totally finished but is now usable and the bugs fixed.

I would just like to say a few things about the new design

1). What makes it ten times better than the last design is the coding. It is so much more flexible and everything is automated. As a result a lot less time has been spent on the look. I think it looks fine myself but the emphasis has been on behind the scenes and improving load times and functionality.

2). The content has not been fully streamlined yet. The news should be ok but the reviews and articles are mostly unedited. No ‘in article’ pictures will work and the links may not work. This will be ironed out over the next week. There are over 600 articles that need to be manually edited and it is a hugely time consuming process. Rest assured that before long they will all follow the same style and all of the content will work and look great.

3). This version is now the base for the future. It has been built in a way that allows for future expansion. I plan to evolve it further when I have the time to do so. Expect some advances to be gradually added.

4). Staff are more than welcome to start contributing to the site. All new content will work perfectly and appear automatically in all the correct areas.

5). There is now a ‘latest threads’ section so you can keep up to date with the forum via the main site. This is fully automated and when you create a new thread it appears on the main site.

6). There will be the chance to have [email protected] e-mail addresses. This includes webmail and outlook access to one of the best UK servers around for ultra fast speeds. This offer could also extend to some non staff members. More details soon.

7). In regards to the forum, it will be revamped and moved to the new host in 1 week. This is a very difficult process now that the raw text database is over 80MB, meaning I have to upload the database manually in chunks via an SQL manager. Ideally the forum would have been launched now too, but I did not want to hold back the launch any further as it would have been Xmas by the time everything was fully completed.

I hope those points will have answered some of your queries and explain perhaps why things are not as drastic as you had perhaps expected. Rest assured behind the scenes the whole site has been recoded and now uses lots of CSS and is technically much better. The content is running via the latest version of Cute News that I have modified to run the whole site. There were some big set backs trying to use other software so I went back to CN as it is flexible and I can use it how I like.

Note The site should be 100% completed in about 10 days. During this time I will be editing content and sorting out the forum. I didn’t want people to wait any longer which is why things are not working fully.

I hope everyone does like the new site but as I said improvements will be made based on feedback. Your suggestions are welcome so be sure to post them on the forum.