USB 3.0 Gets Shown At CES

The CES has been home to many things, most which will do a severe amount of damage to your wallet, but one nice friendly appearance at the show is the first official look at USB 3.0. Of course, the tech was first unveiled back in September of last year, but now thanks to Engadget the first official look is possible.

USB 3.0 will supposedly allow speeds up to 4.8 Gbit/s (600 MB/s), and will also boast a powering system which is smart enough to cut power to the unit when you’re not using it. The tech will reportedly go on sale and start being used in 2010, and we could very well be seeing it in the new generation of consoles when they come out. Nintendo will probably stick with UBS 2.0 though, they seem to do that kind of stuff a lot.