Urban Chaos devs working on new Batman game

The latest issue of Game Informer has revealed that the London based Rocksteady Studios, the minds behind the rather good (but highly overlooked) Urban Chaos Riot Response will once again be teaming up with Eidos to work on a new game based on the Batman franchise. The game is titled Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Game Informer comment that Arkham Asylum will be something completely new for the Batman video game franchise, and will be a more true-to-character Batman game than ever before.

As you can most likely guess by its name, the game will be set in the infamous Arkham Asylum prison / psychiatric hospital in the heart of Gotham City. The story of the game is based around The Joker as the main villain, with the game kicking off after a routine prison transfer goes wrong. This then sets the scene for Batman to come face to face with an army of his worst enemies for the past.

Game Informer go on to comment that the game will contain sections reminiscent of the dark and gritty setting of Bioshock, which is pretty good company for any game to keep.
The game’s story will be written by Paul Dini along with other contributors. Dini has worked on various projects over the years including writing scripts for Animaniacs, Justice League, along with many other Superhero based cartoons and an episode of Lost.