Stupidity Unlocked: Don’t Put Xbox 360 In Water

I can quite believe I am about to type this sentence, but apparently, it is been reported that a 14 year-old boy, from North Carolina in the US, has very nearly killed himself in an effort to try and stop his Xbox 360 from overheating. How? Well it seems the boy thought it would be a good idea to wrap the 360 up in plastic and tape, while it was still plugged in, and then submerge it in a pan of water. Of course, when the boy then put his plan into motion he found out his idea did not work as well as he expect in his head.

When I left to go next door he was playing a game but when I got back he was laying on his back on the floor and unconscious,” said the boy’s mother when quizzed by the local news station.

Thankfully no fatality resulted from the asinine water-cooling experiment, and aside from getting knocked unconscious by the shock the boy only suffered a small amount of burns to his right hand and foot due to his stupidity.