Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Up On XBLA

A 43.62MB download of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 has just hit the XBLA and is listed at a price of 800 points. The description on the Live Marketplace describes the game as “Single player, Xbox Live Multiplayer 2-4, HD (high-definition). Test your might! Try ULTIMATE Mortal Kombat 3 and see if you have what it takes to FIGHT!

If you check under “New Releases” the game does not appear so you have to go to “All Arcade Titles” to find and download the game. This omission, and the date of the games release late on Friday night (rather than the usual Wednesday release of XBLA games) is leading many to believe the download has being added to the Marketplace by accident and it was not supposed to appear till a later date.

We here at DZ would advise those interested in MK to download the demo as soon as they can as the game may be taken down if it wasn’t supposed to be released yet. We would also advise caution in buying the full game for exactly the same reason.

If you are intrested here are the Achievements:

1. Flawless – Complete a Flawless victory against the CPU (1 round).
2. Fatality – Complete a Fatality during an Xbox Live Versus game.
3. Soother – Complete a Babality against the CPU.
4. My Friend – Complete a Friendship during an Xbox Live Versus game.
5. Combo Number 5 – Complete a 5 hit combo against the CPU.
6. Competitor – Win a total of 10 Xbox Live Ranked Versus matches.
7. Double Time – Complete a 2 hit combo against the CPU.
8. Match Three – Reach the third MATCH in any single player tournament.
9. Match Five – Reach the fifth MATCH in any single player tournament.
10. Century – Win a total of 100 Xbox Live Ranked Versus matches
11. Beat the Noob! – Beat the hidden character, Noob Saibot while playing the CPU.
12. Ultimate – Become the champion in any single player tournament.

Update: It’s all over! It seems like it was a mistake on Microsoft’s part as the download has already being taken down after being avaialble for less than an hour. Well done to those who got the demo… if you bought the full game in a fit of excitement then start hoping you won’t be forced to pay again once the game gets it’s official release… and poof it was gone!