Ultima Designer Thinks PC Gaming Is In ‘Dire Straits’

It seems ever day another person wants to air their opinion on PC gaming, and just when things were looking up, and been very down, we’re all feeling down again. This time the words voicing their disapproval come from Raph Koster, president of Areae and designer of Ultima Online and Star Wars: Galaxies who suggests that PC gaming is in “dire straits

I actually think Flash is the next-gen console in a lot of ways. It’s pointing the way to the future more-so than the current generations of hardware, precisely because it is well on its way to becoming completely ubiquitous,” comments the designer to Gamesindustry.biz

There are more Flash installs available in people’s homes and even on mobile devices than all of the sold consoles of the last two generations put together. It is everywhere,” he added. “They are recapitulating everything we’ve done very, very quickly. That’s an upheaval because right now retail PC [gaming] is in dire straits. There are some exceptions but overall you look at audience reach, quantity of games made and creativity of games, and the web is kicking the console industry’s ass.