Ubisoft To Publish Sniper Elite

Ubisoft today announced an agreement with MC2 France to publish the forthcoming Sniper Elite. Developed by acclaimed UK studio Rebellion, Sniper Elite is set to release on PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC this autumn. The publishing deal offers Ubisoft the rights to publish the game in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and all export territories.

Set during the final Soviet advance of Berlin during World War II, Sniper Elite is an action/adventure sniper simulation with 3rd and 1st person interaction, utilising exact rifle and bullet ballistics for what experts say is the most realistic and authentic sniping simulation to date.

In a market dominated by first person action games, Sniper EliteTM offers players a different perspective on the shooter genre,” said Rob Cooper, Ubisoft’s managing director for UK/Ireland/Australia/N-Z and Export. “We are very excited to be bringing this game to the market, and we are delighted to be continuing our partnership with MC2 France and Rebellion.”

We wanted to achieve something new with Sniper Elite. Sniping, by its very nature, is a completely different discipline to normal combat,” said Jason Kingsley, CEO and creative director at Rebellion. “We think the unique nature of this game gives it enormous potential and we are pleased to be working with Ubisoft, a major publisher which has the channels to create a successful launch for the game.”

We are pleased to be working with two such respected partners as Ubisoft and Rebellion,” said Olivier Grassiano, vice president international sales at MC2 France. “We believe that Sniper EliteTM will breathe fresh air into the market, and Ubisoft has all the necessary channels at its disposal to make it a successful launch.