Ubisoft is a Wii bit crazy

Well, by now it’s known far and wide that French developer/publisher Ubisoft is taking full advantage of the Wii console supporting it with exclusives such as Red Steel and Rayman Raving Rabbids. In more recent news, the fruitful publisher has been revealed to have several other titles in development for the console.

And now, while many of those titles still remain a mystery, Ubisoft has announced that seven titles will be released (as mind-boggling as it may be) in the Wii launch period. In addition to Red Steel and Rayman, Far Cry, Blazing Angels, GT Pro Series, Open Season, and Monster 4×4 World Circuit have all been confirmed to be released in the Wii console’s launch period.

What some gamers might find intriguing is that while it will not be a launch title, a Prince of Persia title for Wii is currently in development and, according to IGN, will be released next March in France. One can only expect that the title will line shelves in markets across all waters at some point.

IGN have conducted a short interview with Ubisoft North America President Laurent Detoc about the impressive line-up. The interview can be found here.