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Ubisoft compile not all the Far Cry games into one easy to use boxset

Wikipedia tells us that there are many Far Cry games. If we believe them, and we have no reason not to, as we trust the Internet, there are in fact 6 of them. Sadly, 6 are far too many Far Cry games to put into one box. That would just be CRAZY!

Three is a much better number. It’s a magic number apparently. Because three is a magic number, Ubisoft are going to put three Far Cry games in one box and sell them to us. However, before you start expecting them to put all the main games in that box, DON’T DO THAT, as that would be madness.

Instead they are putting Far Cry 2 (the most important game of our time), Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon in one box and selling them. Not the original game – you are not getting that.

This boxset is called Far Cry Compilation, and will go on sale February 11, 2014 for the Playstation 3 – that’s a magic number.