Ubisoft announces Ubisoft Club, sounds very similar to Uplay

Today on Ubisoft’s Uplay Youtube channel they announced its new rewards program titled, Ubisoft Club. For those that already have Uplay a lot of the benefits may sound very familiar but you can be the judge. Here are the known benefits of joining the Ubisoft Club:

  • While playing a Ubisoft title, players can earn rewards such as experience, badges and units.
  • Ubisoft Club is not limited to any platform or region.
  • Members of the Ubisoft Club will receive extra goodies, early access to betas, discounts on games and other goodies.

Many suspect that this is the replacement of Uplay but on the website it requires that you have a Uplay account to login. It does not detail anything about account transfers or anything of the sort, just a login. But if it isn’t the successor to Uplay that just means that we have another third-party account that we may have to login to during our games, which does not sound very pleasant. The website does do some things better than what Uplay had before, I could not even find a way to upload a custom avatar before so that is a welcome change.

With the coming weeks we may learn more about Ubisoft Club, especially since Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate and Rainbow Six: Siege are due for release later this year. Until then, we will just have to wait and see if more details are revealed.