Ubi To Publish Tales Of Enternia In PAL Land

Ubisoft today announced that it will publish and distribute in Europe Namco’s critically acclaimed masterpiece, Tales of Eternia, on the PSP. The title is slated for release in 10th November 2005. Tales of Eternia was first released on the PlayStation in Japan in 2000 and was the third title in the fan-favourite “Tales of” series of role-playing games, known for its original and dynamic action-oriented battle system, polished character design and unique atmosphere. Tales of Eternia will send players off on a rich adventure through a dreamlike world.

Ubisoft is thrilled to partner with Namco to bring Tales of Eternia, a highly anticipated gem from a classic series, to Europe,” said John Parkes, EMEA marketing director at Ubisoft. “Tales of Eternia is an acclaimed and popular Japanese franchise, and we’re very pleased to add this version, perfectly adapted for handheld format, to Ubisoft’s line-up of superior games.”

I think RPGs and handheld gaming devices goes so well together,” said Tales of Eternia Producer Matoko Yoshidumi. “This is especially so for the PSP. I hope you can enjoy the high quality of Eternia on the PSP.”