Ubi Show Off Their New Wii Steering Wheel

IGN recently had the quick chat with Ubisoft’s Tats Myoio, the associate producer of the upcoming GT Pro Series. While discussing the Wii launch title, Myoio revealed that Ubisoft will be releasing a special steering wheel attachment alongside the racing game. You can see the wheel over on IGN’s media section.

The steering wheel will come bundled with GT Pro Series and Monster 4×4: World Circuit, both of which are Wii launch titles. Players will be able to plug the Wii Remote into the steering wheel horizontally, leaving all of its buttons accessible. Then, by tilting the wheel, the Wii Remote will also tilt. According to Myoio, the steering wheel will work with any game that requires players to tilt the Wii Remote while holding it horizontally. This means that even games like Excite Truck and THQ’s Cars will be able to use the new attachment.