Ubi confirm Wii MotionPlus for Red Steel 2

We can’t say we liked the original Red Steel that much, and every time I tired to play it I ended up spinning around in a circle. To put it bluntly it was not much fun, and I believe it would be hard for anyone to be honestly entertained while playing the game. However, it seems Ubisoft are happy to soldier on to try and improve thing, and it seems the new Wii MotionPlus peripheral will play a big part in this change.

Red Steel 2 has been in development for many months now, and this new device will help us be even more precise in what we do with the product,” said Alain Corre, Ubisoft’s executive director, while speaking to GamesIndustry.biz.

The Red Steel brand is strong – I think we released it on year one, and that people understood that it was a first try on new technology, technology that wasn’t completely finished. And our game tried to grab the best out of it, and was a bit rushed to be sure to offer something in year one to Wii consumers,” he added. “So Red Steel is a brand, and as with every brand we have, we now have to reach the top quality possible. What was missing was the preciseness of the sabre – and with this new device I think it will change the experience.”

When you make a great game, you need more than one year of development,” acknowledged Corre. “A lot of games are made in less than a year, but they’re not great products and they’re not selling at all. So it takes some time to develop good games,” he concluded.