Ubi making new Rabbids game, no minigames this time


Via the latest issue of Nintendo Power, Ubisoft have announced a new Rabbids game. Unlike previous efforts in the series, this will not be a minigame compilation, and instead see the Rabbids take part in their own action/adventure. The game will be called Rabbids Go Home.

As you can kind of tell by the name, the game will see the Rabbids try to leave earth and go home. To get home the Rabbids, for some unknown reason, have to collect enough junk to build a tower to reach the moon. To do this, the player must control two Rabbids at once. One Rabbid sits inside a shopping cart, andanother pushes the cart along. Junk, items and power-ups must then be collected to fill the cart

It all sounds a bit like Katamari Damancy to us. Hopefully it will be as good to play.

There is no official date for the game as of yet. We’d guess fall/winter though.

[Thanks, GoNintendo]