Ubi Announce Lockdown For PC

Today Ubisoft, announced that the premier multi-player franchise Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Lockdown, the fourth installment of the multi-million unit selling franchise, will ship worldwide in early 2006 for the PC. The console versions of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Lockdown were released earlier this year. The Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six franchise, hailed for its immersive single-player and multi-player experiences, continues with Lockdown as Team Rainbow, the world’s premier counter-terrorist unit, is called on to fight a deadly bioterrorism threat. The crisis takes Rainbow into new territory and new situations, as for the first time the hunter becomes the hunted.

All-new features, specific to the PC, add to the tensest close-quarter battles ever experienced online. New features include

Enhanced Tactical Experience
– Deadlier enemies with improved tactics require quick and intense decision making. But move too fast and you’ll find the enemy waiting for you…
– Hostages that must be navigated through the level and accounted for during firefights. Keep them safe and get them out alive!

New Multiplayer Features
– “Class Style” gameplay for multiplayer, allowing more specialization
– Multiplayer reward system
– New “Free-for-all” game type
– The return of 3 classic maps – 747, Mint, and Bunkers
– Re-imagined missions, more challenging than ever before
– Re-vamped Rivalry Mode Rainbow vs. Mercenaries, battling over three different objective types simultaneously. No two Rivalry matches play out exactly the same way!

New Equipment
– Enemy use of Lock Fusers in single-player gameplay presents new challenges to the player
– Laser Trip Mines, Virus grenades, and C4 explosives add new options to the multiplayer ars

New Weapons and Attachments
– 20 new weapons – 42 overall
– 6 brand new weapons never used before in a Rainbow game
– 14 fan favorites from franchise history
– Customize your weapon to suit your style of play Silencers, Scopes, red-dot sights, hi-cap magazines.