Two Worlds Getting Downloadable Content

Two Worlds – a game which was described as having a framerate “woefully close to one frame per second” in one review, where you were warned “don’t buy this game. Forsooth.” in another, and a game that we didn’t even review – has been revealed to be getting two downloadable content expansions for some unknown reason. In the press release announcing the packs, the game was described as a “role-playing hit” so we expect everyone involved is probably high on drugs.

If you still care about this then you’ll be glad to hear that the two expansions will add a host of new content to the “vibrant and populous multiplayer universe” of Two Worlds. Hooray for adjectives, they always make stuff seem more interesting!

Two Worlds has been a huge success for SouthPeak and much of its appeal can be credited to having a huge game-world to explore,” said Melanie Mroz, CEO of SouthPeak Games who I am sure would refuse to go under a lie detector at this moment in time. “Reality Pump has worked tirelessly to improve the multiplayer experience and this new downloadable content is geared towards expanding upon it, offering lots of new missions and areas to explore with friends.

Still interested? The first expansion pack for Two Worlds will be available for download in March, with the second becoming available in April. Both will cost 600 MS points if you have money to burn.