Two GTA ‘Special Editions’ Coming Soon

A secret source who spends his days rifling through Rockstar’s will soon be announcing two special edition Grand Theft Auto packages to promote the newly cleaned-up, Hot Coffee-free version of San Andreas.

The first is for Xbox owners which is dubbed The Trilogy, and will include all 3 version of the new GTA games. Yes, GTA3, Vice City, and San Andreas together in one pack and will retail for $59.99. The second is the PS2 San Andreas Special Edition which will include the new “cleaned up” version of the game, along with a second DVD featuring the prequel movie (previously only available if you bought the soundtrack CD) and the recently announced Sunday Driver feature. The PS2 game will be priced at $49.99.

Both packs should be in stores on October 18th, and should cause great hype for the PSP’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories and also annoy a certain Jack Thompson a little bit more.

Source 1up