Two Battlefield 2 Booster Packs In Feb

The multiple award-winning Battlefield 2 is about to get a boost as Electronic Arts and Digital Illusions today announced that 2 new Booster Packs will be released for the PC version of the game. The two packs, which will each retail for $9.99 in North America, €9.99 in Europe and £5.99 in the UK, will be available exclusively online at EA’s Downloader Site. Powered by the Battlefield 2 game engine, Battlefield 2 Euro Force, releasing Feb 8th, will introduce the all-new European Army to three brand new maps. Battlefield 2 Armored Fury, releasing March 28th, will focus on large mechanized battles in the American heartland.

In Battlefield 2 Euro Force, the European Army joins the Battlefield fray for the first time on PC. Complete with seven new weapons and four new vehicles, the European Army will be sent into battle against MEC and Chinese forces on three brand new maps. “Operation Smoke Screen” takes place amidst the burning wreckage of an oil field on fire. “The Great Wall of China” will see Chinese Forces attempting to repel a European attack in the shadow of the ancient landmark. “Taraba Quarry” takes place in a large canyon which holds a vital tactical advantage.

Battlefield 2 Armored Fury will add three new maps, all set in the rural heartland of America where the US forces defend their homeland from Chinese and MEC forces. This Booster Pack will also introduce two new vehicle classes Attack Jets with the ability to use rocket pods and cluster bombs, and agile Scout Choppers which will reveal nearby enemies. “Midnight Sun” takes place on the Alaskan border, where Chinese forces make landfall. “Operation Harvest” will take the player to the vast open plains of Pennsylvania where only the expert use of air and armor will assure victory. “Operation Road Rage” sees all-out tank warfare on the freeways of America.

Battlefield 2 Euro Force and Battlefield 2 Armored Fury are developed by Digital Illusions Canada, the creators of Battlefield Vietnam and Battlefield 2 Special Forces. Battlefield 2 Euro Force and Battlefield 2 Armored Fury require Battlefield 2 in order to play.