Turok Demo Now On Xbox Live

Ever since some terrible time during the N64 days when a Turok game tasked me with jumping over some platforms using the game’s borderline laughable controls I have not been a huge fan of the Turok games. You could even say I hated them. Then in 2002 Turok: Evolution came out and it was so god dammed awful I almost felt sorry for Acclaim… almost.

However six years is a long time and now with the new game being developed by Propaganda Games under the Touchstone banner I am ready to give it another go.

So, was it worth my time having faith in Propaganda Games? Well, now it is time to find out as a demo of the game has now gone up on Xbox Live, weighing in at 1.17 GB. We can’t air our opinion on the game yet as a gigabyte is a lot, and loads of tea needs to be made as the game downloads.