Trials 2 – The best game we never heard of


We were snooping about Rock Paper Shotgun today and noticed their news piece on Trials 2: Second Edition. Like them we never played the game before, and honestly never heard of it until that moment. Enthused by their words a demo of the game was quickly downloaded, and we were let even more astounded as to why this gem was never noticed until now.

If you are not familiar, bike trials is where a rider navigates their bike over obstacles, and tries to do so without their feet touching the ground. The game takes that idea to the extreme adding loops and crazy jumps into the fray, and changes the feet touching part to head meeting concrete. This is combined with a quality physics model and some really nice looking graphics to make a rather impressive game. You are also given points depending on how well you do, and the games official site even keeps track of rankings so you can compete worldwide!

Of course. you are not going to believe me, so why not go get the demo and play it for yourself. Or maybe check out the trailer on YouTube.