Trauma Center Sequel Coming To Wii

As part of their series of E3 announcements Atlas have revealed that they will be continuing the Trauma Center series on Wii by releasing a sequel to Second Opinion known as Trauma Center: New Blood. The new game will boast 2 player support as well as online ranking and full widescreen support. Other than that, very little is known about the game right now other than a few screenshots shown on Famitsu’s Official site. After a bit of translation work on Famitsu’s news story it seems the story for New Blood follows Dr Stiles as he moves to the United States and changes his appearance to look a bit more grown up, all while taking on even more tense operations.

Of course, Second Opinion still has not released yet in Europe, although is now set for release on August 10th, so it could be a very long time till we get some New Blood for our Wii!