Trailer For Gears Of War PC Leaked Out

Earlier today gaming website GameVideos posted a trailer for the much rumoured PC version of Gears of War, thus confirming it existence. Realizing its mistake the site quickly took down the video but thankfully not before the internets got their hands on it and uploaded it to may other sites. We have listed a few sites below so you can view the trailer, we’d advise you to do it quickly as Microsoft will no doubt want to keep the trailer under wraps until E3 and could force the sites to remove the videos.

The trailer shows that the game has received a few updates from the 360 version with at least one new boss a few new sections on show with it all running at an apparent 60FPS. We’d advise the Stage 6 link, if it is not taken down, to see the trailer in its best light.

Link 1 (YouTube)
Link 2 (MegaUpload)
Link 3 (Stage 6)
Link 4 (Another YouTube)