Trailer Attack: 9th November 2018 – Tesla effect arc death fantasy

Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect is Tetris like you’ve never seen it, or heard it, or felt it before—an incredibly addictive, unique, and breathtakingly gorgeous reinvention of one of the most popular puzzle games of all time, from the people who brought you the award-winning Rez Infinite and legendary puzzle game Lumines. Fully playable on either a standard display (up to 4K and 60fps on a PS4 Pro), or optionally in mind-blowing 3D on PS VR.

Battlefield V

Battlefield V is World War 2 like you’ve never seen or played before. A mix of new and iconic multiplayer modes deliver all-out warfare for up to 64 players on maps traversing unseen and untold locations. Lead your squad to victory with modernised movement and weapon mechanics, and customise the soldiers and equipment in your Company. Single-player War Stories captures the large-scale war through personal stories from those wrapped in the broader conflict. Plus, Tides of War continues the journey for all players well after launch. Battlefield V is out worldwide on 20th November.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Experience The Forge in solo or co-op on November 13th, the first of seven new adventures for Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Dragon Star Varnir

In a world where the bones of an ancient beast tower over the land… The Knight Zephy is part of an order whose role is to hunt down witches – people seen as cursed beings for giving birth to dragons. When he is almost killed on one of these missions, two mysterious witches save him from the brink of death by feeding him dragon blood. Granted new magic abilities by their efforts, he soon finds his fate intertwined with the witches and reluctantly joins them to fight against an Empire out to destroy his kind, ruthless dragon hunters, and a witch more powerful than any in existence.

11-11: Memories Retold

This is a living memory of the end of World War I.

Death end re;Quest

Death end re;Quest will be releasing for the PlayStation 4 in February 19, 2019 in North America and February 22, 2019 in Europe! In celebration of the release date announcement, here is a brand new Battle System (Pt. 1) trailer!

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales — a brand new tale set in the brutal and twisted universe of witcher Geralt of Rivia — is now available on Steam and GOG.COM! Console release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will follow on December 4th.

Arc of Alchemist

Enter the desert in search of the key to save humanity – the Great Power. Quinn Bravesford, for the sake of her kingdom, leads her soldiers into battle against a swath of enemy nations. One year, the king declared that he would send a large-scale investigation team to the Desert of Beginnings.​​ And so, Quinn was selected to captain this mission. Quinn gazes at the ancient alchemic device, the Lunagear, within her hand. According to the legends of yore, once the Lunagear is equipped with the four Orbs, it will unlock the Great Power that will save humanity. Only one Orb resides in Quinn’s Lunagear. Collecting the four Orbs for the Lunagear, however, is a mere legend. ​​


Welcome to the biggest SMITE event of the year.

Rival Megagun

After nearly two years of development for 4 platforms by 1 guy, Degica Games is excited to announce the manic, PVP, battle-shmup, Rival Megagun, will be out on November 29th for PS4, Steam, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!

Hunter x Hunter: Greed Adventure

Bandai Namco has released a game overview trailer for Hunter x Hunter: Greed Adventure.


Available to all FINAL FANTASY XV players as a free update, the event introduces a new in-game quest titled “Adventurer from Another World,” wherein Noctis embarks on a journey with the mysterious Miqo’te “Y’jhimei” to Perpetouss Keep, which concludes in a fierce battle with Garuda from FINAL FANTASY XIV. Players who complete the quest will receive special edition FINAL FANTASY XIV-themed costumes as a reward.

Tesla vs Lovecraft 

DLC for Tesla vs Lovecraft which further elevates Tesla’s ingenuity!


HellSign is an investigative action RPG that pits you against the horrors of the afterlife, let loose on a small town. As a hunter, you’ll plan, hunt, and kill to pay the bills and piece together the fragments to your past. Just remember – a smart hunter is always prepared.

Call of Cthulhu 

Call of Cthulhu celebrates its launch with maddening Accolade Trailer.


Frozenbyte, together with GameTrust announced today that the beautiful puzzle-platforming Trine games are coming to Nintendo Switch. The quest begins with Trine Enchanted Edition, available on Nintendo eShop today in North America and Europe for a price of $14.99 / € 14.99 / £ 13.49.

Spectrum Break

Spectrum Break, a synth aesthetic physics platformer, is set to release on Google Play for free with ads on Nov 23rd, 2018. Spectrum Break is a synth aesthetic, physics platformer where you reshape a level by playing it. Blocks in each level float in zero gravity and can be pushed by the player, causing them to light up in a burst of vibrant color and sound. As players progress, new block types are introduced, and puzzles get more challenging.


Breach, the upcoming co-op, RPG dungeon “brawler” from QC Games, will have over 20 different classes to select from – so choosing the right class might be pretty tough. Well, QC Games has come to the rescue by showcasing a new class trailer from Breach and this week, it’s the close-combat, air juggling madness of the Auros Gladiator!

Warhammer: Chaosbane 

Become a Captain of the Empire, protect your allies, serve on the front line and unleash your fury against the forces of Chaos. Step into the Old World, crusade across the Fantasy Battles universe with up to four friends in local and online co-op. Warhammer: Chaosbane is coming to PlayStation 4 in 2019.


HexRoyal invites you into a fantastic, rich and diverse fantasy open world while offering a multisided adventure. Explore every corner of this universe to discover the hidden treasures, fight on many occasions to protect your loot or your life and prosper to expand your influence. Go meet the population, as the soldiers and workers you recruit will be essential to consolidate your power! Finally, confront other players and do not hesitate to take control of their base. The game has just began a Kickstarter campaign to help fun development.