Trailer Attack: 9th March 2016 – Demons x space x rhythm with some indies, Hitman, Mario

Another stacked day for trailers, ranging from full blown triple A titles to little indie games on mobile phones, and some VR thrown in for that future technology love. It’s 9th March, 2016 and here are the trailers for the day.


A new multiplayer gameplay trailer to prepare players for DOOM’s upcoming Closed Beta!  Closed Beta will run from March 31 – April 3 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, and will be available to those that pre-ordered Wolfenstein: The New Order and redeemed their Beta code. For more information visit

Lord of Rigel

Lord of Rigel is set in a galaxy locked in a pan-galactic cold war. Choose between warring elder races, forge your own coalition, or go it alone. Navigate galactic council politics and defeat gigantic menaces, while utilizing espionage, research, and military might to shape the galaxy your way. A first trailer introducing the story and gameplay of Lord of Rigel was released today.


The Game Bakers released the first all-gameplay trailer for its stylized, high-energy combat-action game Furi, slated for release on PlayStation 4 and PC in 2016.

Super Mario Maker

A software update to Super Mario Maker adds additional items, modes, and features to this sweet spin on Nintendo’s classic series, making it even more fun to create, share, and play levels from around the world. One such new addition is the Key item from Super Mario World: when grabbed, it unlocks the new Key Door item, granting access to new parts of the level. Accessed by shaking the P Switch and Door items respectively, the Key and Key Doors can be used in conjunction in order to create challenging new levels. The Key can even be attached to enemies, forcing players to defeat them in order to retrieve the Key and move forward, meaning it’s now possible to create courses with mandatory boss battles.


No cuts, no overdubs. Just one minute of uninterrupted gameplay from one of Thumper‘s advanced levels. Thumper’s gameplay is simple, stripped down and accessible for both hardcore rhythm gamers and casual action game fans. But as you delve deeper, it won’t be easy. Thumper focuses on simplicity, pushing speed and physicality to extremes never before felt in a rhythm game.


The team that brought the entertaining Real Life First Person Shooter short has now transitioned that concept into Real Life Hitman, thanks to the people at IO-Interactive reaching out to them and asking to create this entertaining video. Prepare to see Agent 47 and various people interactive with him over the radio to successfully complete what is probably his hardest mission ever. The first episode of Hitman is out on 11th March, 2016

To Azimuth

A surreal adventure game from [bracket]games, the creator of Three Fourths Home, To Azimuth casts players as Nate or Susannah Windham in two interconnected stories that follow their pursuit for the truth. Inspired by 70s science fiction and alien abduction accounts, To Azimuth explores the mystery surrounding Eli’s whereabouts and the roles that mental health, war, and the paranormal may have played in his disappearance.

The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonca & PizzaBoy

Deep Silver FISHLABS has announced the mobile release of OKAM Studio’s graphic adventure The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & PizzaBoy. The crowd-funded game based on Dark Horse’s fan-favorite comic books series will go live on the Apple App Store by the beginning of April 2016. Only a few weeks later, the premium app will also launch on Google Play. A classic “point-and-click” adventure with a gruesomely-good twist, The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & PizzaBoy not only features hand-crafted graphics with a unique art style and astonishing attention to detail but also hilarious dialogues, fun-to-solve riddles, and a gripping narrative.

Annie Amber

Following the award-winning MIND: Path to Thalamus‘s success, Carlos Coronado has been working in a new project which will finally be published. Annie Amber is a videogame completely designed for VR devices. Although its launching will be on VR Samsung store, it is scheduled that Annie Amber will be launched on other support VR platforms. This new project counts with the collaboration of Cristina Pérez as Concept Assistant, Marc Marfà as Junior Artist and Kai Engel as Musical Composer.

Space Food Truck

A 1-4 player cooperative card adventure for PC, Mac, and Linux. After tons of improvements to gameplay, graphics, and usability over the past four months, the game is finally ready to leave Early Access on March 25th. Space Food Truck‘s new-and-improved launch trailer shows off some of the progress to full release.

Don’t Pop!

Is that a fat cat with shades? Sure is in Don’t Pop! An endless flyer where you control a brave postman soaring upward through magnificent color in his trusty hot air balloon. Glide fluidly through the sky to avoid the sharp corners of clouds, cliffs, and contraptions to survive as long as possible. Collect coins as you go and redeem them to grow your inflatable infantry!

Any of these you are looking forward to? Hit us up on twitter and talk about your favorite one. The weekend isn’t far off, people, which is great for me, as those games aren’t playing themselves! Bring on the free time.