Trailer Attack: 9th January 2024 – Piece dead code

Dead by Daylight

From one dark place to another. Dead by Daylight: Alan Wake. January 30th.

Helldivers 2

Enlist in the fight for freedom on PC and join PlayStation 5 allies in alien-busting cross-play attacks with up to 4K visuals. Out February 8, 2024.


The Mishima saga rages on in TEKKEN 8. But how did we get here? Brian Cox recounts the tournaments, twists, and cliffside encounters that make TEKKEN, TEKKEN.

Sympathy Kiss

Get up close and personal with Saotome of Sympathy Kiss , launching on Nintendo Switch on February 27!

Another Code: Recollection

An abandoned mansion sits atop the ominous Blood Edward Island, but what secrets does this place hold? Find out when Another Code: Recollection, which contains two fully enhanced mystery adventures—including one previously unreleased in North America—launches January 19, 2024, only on the Nintendo Switch system. Begin unraveling the mystery today with a free demo on Nintendo eShop and transfer your save data upon purchase of the main game.


IMMORTALITY, the critically acclaimed game from Sam Barlow and Half Mermaid Productions, will be releasing on PlayStation 5 on January 23rd, 2024.

Nakwon: Last Paradise

NAKWON: LAST PARADISE is an upcoming third person zombie survival game set in post-apocalyptic Seoul, where you rely solely on your senses to survive. Launching later this year with NVIDIA DLSS 3.

OCTOPATH TRAVELER: Champions of the Continent

Meet Tatloch, a ferocious dancer and the empress of G’roha who absorbs vitality from foes to empower herself and her allies! The central antagonist of the Bestower of Power story line is here to conquer as a Champion of Memories on 1/10! Play OCTOPATH TRAVELER: Champions of the Continent for FREE to find out what happens in her Memoir and to add the fearsome empress to your band of 8!


Thank you for waiting. Palworld, the latest open-world survival crafting game will be released in ”January 19, 2024 (Friday)”. Early access will start worldwide with a global release. This news was revealed alongside their latest trailer for the game.

Tribe Nation

Tribe Nation is a roguelike strategy with real-time battles set in the Gallic Wars era. Lead your Celtic tribe across Europe to a new homeland. Strategize on a randomly generated hex battlefield, adapt to unexpected events, craft, improve, and equip. Make your tribe a nation.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 is getting new DLC characters Shanks and Coby.

Lil’ Guardsman

Lil’ Guardsman is a narrative puzzle game, inspired by the classic point-and-click genre and the mechanics of Papers, Please. Set in a high-fantasy world with the comedic sensibility of Monkey Island and other 90s Lucasarts adventure classics, Lil regularly finds herself covering for her dad, the head castle guardsman. She interrogates a cavalcade of fun and weird characters trying to gain entry to The Sprawl. You decide their fate… and the fate of the entire kingdom.

Empyrion – Galactic Survival Dark Faction

Developed by Eleon Game Studios with support from Funcom, comes the first expansion for Empyrion – Galactic Survival, Dark Faction. Discover a terrifying threat to the entire galaxy: an almost indestructible organism driven to spread and take over any life it touches in Dark Faction, launching on Steam February 6, 2024.


Primateria roguelike deckbuilder launches on Jan 8th 2024. Embark on an epic journey in Primateria, a game redefines the roguelike deckbuilder with a nod to classic Yu-Gi-Oh! experience. Fuse cards, battle divine beings, and navigate through a universe teeming with challenges and surprises. Embrace the thrill of endless combinations and tactical depths.

Alisa: Developer’s Cut

Enter the dollhouse February 6th, 2023. Elite Royal Agent Alisa – hot on the heels of a notorious thief in a fantastical world somewhat reminiscent of the 1920s – finds herself suddenly whisked away to an old, bizarre, Victorian-style mansion. Haunted by the by the mansion’s strange, mechanized doll-like inhabitants and trapped in a world upside-down, Alisa has only one priority: survive and escape. But can she do this with her humanity intact?


The complete edition of the survival horror game Unstoppable is launching on Steam this Thursday! New York City, 1990. Your task: Escape a high-rise building filled with office workers who – after being infected by a mysterious disease – are driven to kill anyone in their path. Fight off these psychotic killers in close quarters with brutal, visceral combat – using both guns and melee weapons. Scavenge to stay alive as you expand your arsenal. Will you brave the dimly-lit corridors and solve the mystery … or die in the dark?