Trailer Attack: 9th January 2023 – Riders forspoken tale

Scrap Riders

Scrap Riders is a pixel art beat’em up adventure game for Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam). Set in a cyberpunk future, players assume the role of Rast, a member of the Scrap Riders outlaw biker gang. Explore the wastelands and a corporation-controlled metropolis as you fight off enemies using fists and guns. Utilize your wits and caustic humor to survive in this post-apocalyptic world, gather clues, and defeat bad guys.


Join Frey Holland as she is mysteriously transported from New York City to the beautiful yet cruel landscapes of Athia. In her journey to find a way home she must look within to overcome the battles against twisted Breakbeasts and the treacherous Tantas.

Illustrated: Every Picture Tells a Story

Experience Vincent Van Gogh’s Art Like Never Before in Illustrated, Beginning Jan. 13 on Apple Arcade. Van Gogh Museum collaborates with BorderLeap, developer of puzzle game hits with millions of downloads, for brand new puzzler

Disgaea 7

A triple threat of demon, cheap, and lazy, he is a demon with a devilish personality rarely seen in Hinomoto, which is rooted in the way of Bushido.

Tortuga – A Pirate’s Tale

Time to head for the Caribbean because on 19th January, Tortuga – A Pirate’s Tale will set sail toward a world of fame and fortune that awaits your capture in tactical sea battles. Wishlist now and hoist the anchor on release day!