Trailer Attack: 9th January 2017 – Within freedom phoning smite


Video game publisher Rising Star Games confirmed today the global release date for the visually striking action game Brut@l. On February 9, 2017, PC gamers across the globe can enjoy this re-imagining of the classic ASCII dungeon crawler. A procedurally-generated co-operative and single-player dungeoneering thrill ride, Brut@l fuses old-school gaming with a stunning 3D visual style, creating an experience that is inspired by the earliest of videogame adventures, yet feels uniquely fresh and exciting.

Werewolves Within

Werewolves Within is a social virtual reality game of deduction and deception that will keep pulling you back in, match after match. Here are five reasons why by Ubisoft.

Snow Moto Racing Freedom

From the makers of Aqua Moto Racing Utopia comes Snow Moto Racing Freedom. An arcade Snow Mobile Racing game where you can roam around freely in the huge landscapes, compete in thrilling Snow Cross tournaments or just explore the maps to find those perfect spots to play around in. Snow Moto Racing will be released during 2017, so far only announced for PS4 and now of course for PC. Snow Moto Racing Freedom features single player campaigns, split-screen and online multi-player racing for you to challenge your friends for the honor and bragging rights.


Introducing the newest map to come to the realm – Stone Keep! Available in the OB41 patch, coming soon to Paladins.


Introducing the newest skin coming to battleground – Enyo Bellona! Unlock Enyo Bellona by purchasing the SMITE Tactics Founders Pack.

Phoning Home

Phoning Home, an exploration game following a robot’s crash landing on an unknown planet and attempt to contact his native world, will land on Steam 7 Feb. for Windows with Mac and Linux support coming at a later date. Players will guide a small android named ION, who alongside his companion ANI, explore a captivating and fantastical alien world teeming with towering wildlife and remnants of an ancient civilization.